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Once there was a little girl who loved stories. She loved to listen to them, loved to read them, and loved to tell them. She would tell them to anyone who would listen and when no one was around to listen, she would tell them to herself. One day, when she was still a very little girl, she found that if she used a pencil and a piece of paper, she could memorialize her stories and pass them out to people so they could hear them, even when she wasn’t around to tell them. Imagine her surprise when she discovered that doing such a thing was called being a writer.

On these shelves, journey through the imaginative worlds Sherrie A. Bakelar inhabits and greet some of her dearest life-long friends. In these stories, you will find a whole cadre of strong women who face challenges, fall in love, fight monsters, explore unknown realms and solve mysteries. Through it all, they show compassion and sensitivity for those around them, honoring their parents, friends, and family, while striving to live life to the fullest. Here, there is no weaker sex, only a soul-felt exploration of the human condition.

Today, Sherrie A. Bakelar continues to listen to stories, in all their amazing forms, be they tales told by friends, games, books, television, movies, songs, or poems. She also continues to tell her own, sometimes taking the time to write them down and share them with others.
Latest Work

Honor Bound

Lady Warrior Saga Book 3

While D’Mique recovers on a slow merchant ship back to the Fanterra Plain, Marco finds himself tagging along with Myrth, playing power politics with the Grand Syra Palo, and keeping company with the Nura prisoner DJar. Returning to Olimidia, the prisoner refuses to speak and even the threat of losing his life will not bring the Masters the answers they want. Then the world darkens and war approaches, turning Oracle’s visions to nightmares. With the future in turmoil, the gifted seer knows only that Marco must leave the Plain and travel east into the waiting daemon horde. 

Front cover of the third Lady Warrior Novel
Cover Art © Caragh Arfield


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Slipping Silver
A Dragon for Darius
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