Sherrie A. Bakelar

Sherrie A. Bakelar


New Digs, New Year, New Work

I enjoy building websites but I spend a long time trying to make them perfect when perfect isn’t necessary. This one brings in a few new aspects of my life: education and photography.

Shortly after finishing Great Danes Don’t Hunt Werewolves, I went on a new adventure and fell in love. Being in love and working toward shared goals with someone you care about has a way of changing your outlook on life. So I went back to school and am close to earning my teaching credentials. Teachers need an online presence for helping each other, helping parents feel good about who is spending all that time with their children, and sorting through things that happen in a classroom. Additionally, my husband is a photographer and together we run Two Shores Photography.

With all that going on and as the year comes to a close, we are reaching the end of another tale. The second story in D’Mique’s saga is fast approaching its finale and it should be available in the near future!

I would like to apologize now for what is about to occur.

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