Sherrie A. Bakelar

Sherrie A. Bakelar


New Book Available!

The Land-Nymph Child is now available!

This work continues the adventures of D’Mique, a young lady warrior who was pretty sure she was the best to ever live until she left her walled-off village and entered the military. Now she knows better.

Elves, goblins, and semi-humans–Semians–surrounded her and many of them were mages, able to bend the elements to their will. How could a simple human warrior compete when confronted by daemonic forces? Well, fate has a way of stepping in.

After spending the winter with the Earth Master and his new honor guard, D’Mique is off on another mission. With her are a cadre of land-nymphs, elves and goblins. Nearly all of them are mages and most are better with the sword. Yet, D’Mique is the one fate chooses to save the rarest of creatures, a baby land-nymph born amidst murder and stolen away by invisible daemons.

Will she succeed?

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